Little Black Tux - Press Release

Have you been searching for a women’s tuxedo and found that you can’t find the perfect fit or that it’s priced exorbitantly? Well, look no further!

Professional Wedding and Entertaining Expert, David Tutera himself has teamed up with Little Black Tux to unveil a fresh and innovative concept for the women’s formal wear industry. Introducing a line of tuxedos designed, created, and manufactured specifically just for women.

We offer sophisticated yet chic tuxedos that are a perfect combination of femininity and androgyny, so one can possess a confidence of feeling empowered for any occasion.

The fabrication and fit will give women the freedom to move while highlighting and contouring all the right places curated for the female body.

Our brand represents the balance between timeless fashion and unparalleled quality for women of all kind.

Experience the highest quality product on the market for those who are looking for that unique alternative to the standard little black dress.