• The bow tie is always in style.

There are few more iconic looks than the tuxedo and black bow tie, which is why at Little Black Tux we added our own twist with a slightly more feminine form. For more daring dressers out there, our bow ties come in a range of styles and colors that appeal to women and go with any formal outfit; from crisp white to plaid pastel and more. And the best news: they all come pre-tied and adjustable.

Why fuss over a standard men’s bow tie when you can stand out using a striking, bow tie designed for your taste? We’ve created this line of women-friendly bow ties so that we can accentuate our outfits with the same fun yet classic look men have enjoyed for generations.

Discover what women are saying about their real experience showcasing their Little Black Tux Bow Tie and formal wear at weddings, proms, galas, and more!

Accessorized to your desire. Styled to your taste.