Pocket Squares

A pop of color for every outfit.

Accentuate your look—whether it’s a special occasion tuxedo or a suit for the office—with a bit of your personality in the form of our lively tuxedo pocket squares, from understated ivory and gray to bold plaid pastel.

While traditional men’s suits have used pocket squares for years as a way to provide a hint of personality and color in formal attire, Little Black Tux pocket squares take that concept and make it work for women, with the wider range of color schemes, feminine styles and designs women are looking for.

If you’ve never used a pocket square before, consider a style and fabric that works best with your outfit, whether that’s a traditional tux or a more cutting-edge suit or jacket. If you need advice on making that first selection, reach out to us and we can help.

Nothing completes your look and leaves everyone around you wanting just a little bit more than a pocket square from Little Black Tux!